F6350 Current/ Voltage Amplifier

F6350 Real Time Power System Simulation Interface

You can now convert your F6150 to a set of voltage and current amplifiers whenever there is a need for such an application. In this mode of operation, the F6150 converts to a set of voltage and current ampliers. These amplifiers can be controlled by RTDS®. Hence low level signals from the RTDS® are fed to the F6350 via a special Doble furnished cables. The output of the F6350 is amplified signals that are supplied to the relays or protection schemes under test. You can use multiple F6350 and get as many voltage and current signals you require for complete testing of relays and protection schemes.

If you only need additional current channels, you can use F6300 instead of a second F6350 to get the required number of current channels. 




The conversion of F6150 to F6350 is very simple. It requires a simple replacement of a single I/O card and installation of the firmware. 

Converting the F6350 back to F6150 is also simple. Simply replace the original I/O card and load the firmware needed for F6150. This will convert your F6350 back into an F6150.