Circuit Breaker Analyzer

Circuit Breaker Analyzers and Timers

Circuit Breaker Analyzer and Timer CAT series instruments are designed for condition assessment of circuit breakers. Timing channels record closing and opening of main contacts, resistor contacts, and auxiliary contacts. CAT instruments records graphs of both Open and Close coil currents and displacements of HV and MV circuit breaker moving parts. Main contact channels can also measure resistance value of pre-insertion resistors (if present in the circuit breaker).

Test results are printed on an 80 mm thermal printer in tabulated and graphical form. User can select any desired operational mode: Close (C), Open (O), Close-Open (C-O), Open-Close (O-C), Open-Close-Open (O-C-O).

CAT instruments are supplied with DV-Win software, which provides full control of all CAT functions from a PC, acquisition and analysis of test results.

Typical application areas of CAT instruments are high-voltage substations and industrial environments. An important part of commissioning, maintaining and production of circuit breakers are:

  • Simultaneous measurement of Main contacts and auxiliary contacts, including pre-insertion resistors
  • Resistance measurement of pre-insertion resistors
  • Evaluation of the synchronization between the circuit breaker poles
  • Measurement of coil currents, simultaneously for both coils
  • Evaluating the state of the substation’s batteries by graphically showing the voltage value
  • Measurement of stroke, contact wipe, over-travel, rebound and average velocity of breaker’s moving parts
  • “First trip” test available
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